From the moment, an individual or group chooses to launch a business, you are constantly dealing with various legal issues, like business formations, business planning, tax structuring, and lease & acquisition issues, business contracts, compliance with local, State and Federal laws and commencing and defending legal claims and actions.

“Attorney, Sushrut Pandya of Pandya Law has the experience, exposure, skill, training and education in most of the aspect of the business and commercial laws, including, but not limited to:

* Business Formation, Limitation of Liability, and Tax Structuring
* Reorganizations
* Buy-sell agreements between business entities
* Business breakups and dissolutions
* Business Transactions and Internal Management
* Negotiation and drafting and review of contracts
* Development of profit-sharing agreements
* Employee non-disclosure agreements
* Non-solicitation agreements
* Letters of credit
* Long-Term Business Planning
* Buy-sell agreements
* Shareholders’ agreements
* Litigation and Dispute Resolution
* Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration of contract disputes
* Partnership disputes
*Restrictive covenant and non-compete agreement litigation
*Litigation regarding unfair competition

“Our law office professionally assists an individual, small and mid-size corporations in commencing their dream business, legal hitch proof smooth day-to-day operation of such business; expanding such business and protecting and defending legal rights of the business and its operators.

At Pandya Law, you and your legal issues will be treated with sincere care and professional aptitude and your needs will be understood and met. This is my promise to you.

You should not take any legal issue lightly. Protect your legal rights.

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